Pevfeciy Porta Frutta bambù Fatto a Mano portafrutta da Tavolo Cesto in bambù Intrecciato da Fattoria, bambù setacciato a Mano, utilizzato per essiccare Frutta e Verdura,D,XL


♥ Bamboo bamboo basket in bamboo for drying fruit and vegetables. Each bamboo basket is handmade, with a good decoration and collection value, the ancient craftsmanship is handed down from hundreds of years
♥ Gift idea: The fruit door basket is an indispensable element for all homes. Give it to friends or family to the new house inauguration. Elegant fruit door basket. It can be seen as a decoration element of your home.
♥ Pure natural material, choose high quality, healthy and ecological natural bamboo raft.
♥ Handmade fabric, handmade, resistant, simple and beautiful.
♥ exquisite shape, multiple functions, any use, can also play a decorative role, beautify life.
Prezzo: 40,97 €
(alla data del Feb 02,2021 21:04:37 UTC – Dettagli)

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