Wangduodu Buddha with Tealight Holder Decorative Buddha with Tea Lamp Holder Tea Light Holder Statue


: The Buddha with tea lamp holder has pleasing and attractive effect for Feng Shui fans. Can be placed in entrance area, living room, terrace or garden.
Meditative Atmosphere: The Buddha candlesticight is easy to reflect, creating meditative atmosphere, exuding purity and inner power.
Great Decoration: The decorative Bu as great decorations in your living room, bathroom or office.
Beautify House: This Buddha statue canegrating happiness and harmony.
Item Size: About 21*31cm. t beautify your house, intdha statue and a candle.
Prezzo: 44,81 €
(alla data del Feb 02,2021 22:06:23 UTC – Dettagli)

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